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Spirit Embassy: Campus Cry

Campus Cry is a student evangelism initiative dedicated to spreading the GoodNews of Jesus Christ to all universities, colleges and high schools worldwide. 


First prophesied in 2015 by the highly esteemed prophet to nations, business mogul and founder of Spirit Embassy: The GoodNews Church, Prophet Uebert Angel; Campus Cry has since been carried forth by young students all over the world, proving Christianity as a fruitful lifestyle filled for all student communities in various continents.

Our aim is to influence students of all cultural backgrounds to rise up and to grow spiritually, financially and intellectually; so as to create a breeding ground of strong, vibrant and influential leaders within the university/college/school communities globally.

As a student, Campus Cry is the only place to learn practical biblical principles of success for business, relationships and life as a whole! So get involved today - from our weekly Word sessions, to our themed events, gospel music concerts, talkshows and podcasts. There's no better way to experience and share the GoodNews of God's Grace with everyone on and around campus than through Campus Cry!

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